INWEGO is a new application-based concept by the people at Experience that redefines how we should view our sports entertainment. Essentially, for a monthly subscription you get to attend unlimited games in Atlanta. All professional sports are represented, so you aren’t limited to season tickets to baseball, football, basketball, whatever.

This new shift in how INWEGO wants people to consider their sports entertainment required a dynamic and engaging brand. Enter J Wright Design.

For this project, J Wright Design developed a simple and straight forward logotype that reflects the simple action of walking right to your seats to any sporting event. Bold exciting colors coupled with dynamic action shots of sporting events compliments the logo’s simplicity. The sense of movement inspires potential customers to grab some friends and attend a live event without the usual hassles. 


Inwego // Atlanta, Georgia


Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Graphic Development, Packaging, Advertising, Stationary

Setting the Stage

Building a brand as exciting as the product.

In order to stand out from the avalanche of mobile applications that appear daily, we needed to present Inwego as much more than just an “app”. Imagery and strategic coloring were fundamental for brand recognition as the initial rollout in the Atlanta area happened very quickly. 

So how did it do?

A product launches and beats the odds.

With a small but targeted media campaign, Inwego made their initial target goals within the first few weeks of launch. This included both print and location advertisements, online banners, and promotional boxes sent to strategic partners. The design was fundamental in legitimizing the application as a real player in the live entertainment space.