Port Cycling is a friendly group of cyclists that train way to much for nothing in particular. Some of them race. Some of them will do a Grand Fondo here and there. Some run or participate in triathlons and don’t mind losing their toenails. But this is not their day job. They are in this for the fun and competitive nature of it all.

J Wright Design created a complete branding scheme for this bunch of knuckleheads including a website, cycling kit, and water bottles. Running with various nautical themes – they are based in a port town – became a perfect match. To be clear, they are now the best dressed cyclists in spandex on Long Island.  


Port Cycling  // Port Washington, New York


Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Graphic Development, Apparel, Merchandise, Site Design

Making Spandex Look Good

Cycling meets the Illuminati and a one-eyed octopus

Its not everyday that a designer gets to have freedom to design apparel. This was the case with the Port Cycling group, who are able to have fun with it and not take themselves too seriously. It’s just cycling, after all.